Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving minus a sick Grandma

This was our Thanksgiving group this year. My Mom was sick and didn't want to get Dad sick so she stayed home. I picked Dad up from the AL and Megan came over for a nice yummy Thanksgiving dinner. Dad did great and enjoyed getting out. We missed the other three girls in Idaho but they had fun being together. Mom was sad but wanted to keep Dad well so she stayed home. We missed her but all in all we had a nice Thanksgiving. Now on to Christmas. Below are some other pic Megan took. Thanks again Megan for everything!

Our yummy dinner! Thanks Megan for all the pictures.

Me and Megan, if I didn't post this she would be mad but I hate pictures of myself.

Megan and her Dad. If only his eyes were open! We loved having Megan with us on Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Date Day in Amish Country

Well I really messed this post up but hey I'll learn. So the Mr. and I went to Amish today we had a wonderful time the pictures are below in the incorrect order I believe but hey I'll get it right one of these times. It was the start of Christmas for us, we bought some gifts at Wendall August and that's all I'm saying.

After Wendall August we had dinner at The Amish Door. I love Amish it is so quite and beautiful. The food is very simple but good, we were stuffed full of salad, my favorite is the kidney bean salad, dad's is the pickled beets, then chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and to top it all off graham cracker pudding. It was a nice relaxing afternoon

I just realized I did this backwards sorry - start at the bottom :)

After the bakery we went to Wendall August

Today my sweetheart and I went on a "Date Day" instead of "Date Night". We had a wonderful time down in Amish. We stopped at a sweet Amish bakery it was about 3:30 and pretty dark in the bakery but they lit the kerosene lamps and it was all good. The bakery was so clean, smelled wonderful and we got some yummy goodies)