Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty Pretty New Kitchen

This is the pain in the butt ceiling from what I hear.

Closer look at the detailing.

Pretty cupboards and wall.

Someone needs a new stove/oven.

I think a stainless steel frig would look beautiful! (hint, hint)

Love the handles. So whimsicle (probably spelled wrong)

Some pictures are a little blurry, but they still work!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome to Utah

Mom and I got a kick out of this! This pretty much sums up what this place smells like! YUCKY/Gag!

Okay for now this will have to hold you over. Here are the pictures of my classroom:

What you see walking down the hall to my room! It's pretty cute if I do say so myself. It's where my kids will hang up their work for everyone to see. Every flower has a student's name on it, a clothes pin to hang their work, and a spot for a picture of their cute little faces.
A closer look of the flowers and the Sign (gotta love the Dollar store) 
The sign outside my classroom since I don't have a paw print yet (the school mascott is a panther so everyone has a paw print with their name on it.  
My door with everyones names on it! It says 2nd Grade is the Place to "BEE" (Thanks for the idea Mom!) 
The front of my room with white boards up and everything! SCORE! 
My Filler Space (this is where my Smartboard will go when it arrives!) The cupcake award is for a student each week to hang their paper there if they worked hard and show all their work. The really cute $o.50 hangers are my hall/bathroom passes. The blue on is a flower, red is a frog, yellow is an elephant(my personal favorite) and the white one is a cow. Then comes the Behavior Chart with every kid's name on a card. The desk is from an extra student that is now no longer in my class and they are done taking away things so it has to stay. It is holding the pail with sticks to call students and the other pail for once they have been called.  
The corner of the room that is mine. See that fan. Yep, it's a lifesaver! Man does it get hot in that room around 1:30ish. Those are all my teaching and readers books. The paper tray is holding what I have copied for the week for each day. I still need a Monday one (hence the papers laid out neatly on the table. There for Monday). Thats a TV up there, but you can only see the DVD/VHS player. 
Each students has one of each of these cups. They take them out when they are doing seat work and use. If they know what they are doing and are doing fine they put their green/teal one on top. If they need help, but can still work on another part of their seatwork then they put their purple cup on top and I know that I need to go help them. If they find themselves thinking, "Wooooo, Hold on I have no clue what I'm doing" then they put their red cup on top and I know that I need to get to them fast. Hopefully this stops misbehavior and the "my arms is tired" effect.  
Isn't that I pretty table? All the worksheets for Monday laid out plus a few more incase we have some time here and there.  
All the readers that go with the stories in their Language Arts books. Oh, and post-its, tape dispenser(minus the tape) stapler, and hole puncher. 
If they get stuck on a word and they can't figure it out they can look up here for some stratigies on what to do.  
The Math Meeting wall in all its glory! Along the top is 1-100 is base ten form.  
This is where they will write the time each day. A hundreds chart for counting! Woo-ho! 
Problem of the day- I write a problem and they solve it. They have to tell me what information to use and then they have to write a number sentence for the problem down in that green box. The poster next to it is where I will put a number of the day in that box and then the kids have to give me 5 number sentences that equal that number.  
Where we will be counting money! See those pretty coins they show both the front and back so students know what they look like.  
The top poster outlined in red is where I will put a pattern and then the students have to fill in the rest of the pattern. The bottom poster is for paper money (who doesn't like to see money, its the tangible thing thats a problem) 
The Calendars so students can get use to ordinal numbers and telling me what the date will be one week from day and etc. Oh, and cups for straws: Each day we have school they add one straw and put it in the purple cup. When they get ten straws they groups them(put a rubberband on them) and place it in the tens cup (green cup). When they get ten groups of tens they group it and move it to the hunderds cup (red).  
My desk! Isn't it beautiful! It still needs some more color above it so when I get enough money I'll put a bulletin board up there.  
My filing cabinet. See that ancient printer. It takes forever to print one page (4 min. I timed it) And see that fabulous door at the very edge its a lifesaver as well.  
Look at that pretty Word Wall soon to be filled with lots of words that we will be learning. I was going to start with all the kids names up there put I ran out of time. Along the top is the rainbow of colors posters and top right of the picture is my beautiful wind chime of bees. And see that goregous classroom library!  
Just a closer look! 
Oh, don't you just LOVE books! I do! And in the middle there is one pail for sharpened pencils and the other pail is for dull ones that need sharpened that way kids aren't sharpening while I'm teaching. (I'm not a fan of being at a really good part in my lesson where everyone is with me and then you hear the pencil sharpener and everyone turns around to look who it is) 

Yes, I labeled every tub with its name and I picture so that it makes it easier for the kids to put it back in the right bin. I will be teaching them how to do this on the first day because it took a lot of time to sort all these books out. And believe it or not Dad my classroom library is small compared to other teachers.  
The group table in the back of the room the crate with the holes in it is for their writing.  
One more look. 
Hop into a Good Book! There was no where else to put it. The two posters on the bottom is for Sheldon the Sharing Sheep and The Tattling Turtle. This is where the kids can come and write either a story they want to tell me or something that is bothering them that doesn't need immediate attention (you know, like "she was looking at me weird") I sure hope this makes my life easier. That door is my closet... 
Birthday wall! 
See above description.  
The inside of my closet... looks pretty doesn't it. At least it's better then some of the others I've seen.  
Sink area! 
The wall above the coat rack/hooks...not quite done. 
There we go now it's done. 

Our rules...My theme is a garden hence all the flowers, bees, and insects.  
Just a closer 
My color wall since I will be teaching the Art for 2nd Grade. I found it in bees too! How PERFECT! 

Where they hang up their coats and bookbags. They all seem fasinated with that bench by the way. 
The view from the back right corner (the closet). Oh, and look at those pretty desks all done and ready.  
View from the hallway door... 
Five color coded folders...check, three color coded notebooks...check, reading textbook under the folders...check, nametag...check, one regular pencil...check, one super cool welcome back to school pencil...check, Adorable 2nd Grader...priceless. (I'm chessy, I know, but I haven't had human contact for three days now.)

Well, I'm as ready as I'll ever be...minus I few lesson plans still in the works. I can't wait to meet them all.