Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank Heaven for Sisters

So today I had a great day with my youngest sister Amy( she will kill me when she sees this picture). We had lunch then visited Dad. It's so funny he always tells me what a nice house I have, how nice I decorate it, keep it clean and he loves my windows. I just say thank you because it's easier than explaining that this is an Assisted Living and I don't own it. Well today he was telling me the same thing and Amy said "Dad this isn't her house it's mine" he thought for a minute and said no this is her house. It's so cute he might not know who we are but he thinks this beautiful place he lives in is my house. So funny. Amy showed me how to load pictures to the computer so hey maybe these posts will be a little more exciting. Thanks again for a fun day and all your help Amy!


yaya said...

Your sister is a cutie! How sweet your Dad is, but how hard that must be for you not to have him know who you are. Our parents took care of us when we were little and now it's our turn to do the same for them. I love old people! I guess because I am one. I can now order off the senior menu at Perkins...gotta have some perks to this aging thing. Nice blogging, keep up the good work!