Sunday, April 11, 2010

We are so excited the girls will be home in 3 days!! YEAH! I've been texting Kelli they are so excited and gave me a list of foods they want when they come home. They're visiting Donna and Matt for a few days in Pocatello and then home here to Ohio. Kelli asked what I was doing and I told her blogging to avoid homework. [I'm such a good example] any way those girls are darn excited to be done for awhile, they love BYUI but are happy to be done with another year. I can't believe Kelli will be a Senior and student teaching next winter and our baby will be a Sophomore. How time flies. Spring should be here for the entire week next week I sure hope we don't go back to winter like weather I actually saw some tulips outside our family room window that is a beautiful sight. Here is to a complete week of warm weather.


yaya said...

I forgot how soon BYU gets out. How fun for you to have the girls home! I'm jealous. I always wanted a girl to do Mommo and daughter things with. The boys are great, but they hate shopping, gossiping, swapping recipes, painting toenails...well, you get the picture! Happy Spring to you!

yaya said...

I hate seeing only one comment so I'm re-commenting:Thanks for saying my head isn't too big! I really do suggest reading The's good!