Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty Pretty New Kitchen

This is the pain in the butt ceiling from what I hear.

Closer look at the detailing.

Pretty cupboards and wall.

Someone needs a new stove/oven.

I think a stainless steel frig would look beautiful! (hint, hint)

Love the handles. So whimsicle (probably spelled wrong)

Some pictures are a little blurry, but they still work!


Beth said...

Thanks Kelli for posting these! The walls look greenish but they aren't they are a warm goldie beige. Oh well you all will see when you get home in 3 weeks!!!!!!

Matt and Donna said...

SO, SO pretty! I love it and I can't wait to see it! Love you! Oh, and the ceiling may have been a pain, but it sheds a lovely glow on the room.

Amy Camp said...

Oh BETH! It looks beautiful! I LOVE the PITA ceiling...I agree with Donna it does make the area glow! You have a good eye for decorating! I hope to see it soon! Congratulations

yaya said...

Hi Beth! I love seeing you new kitchen and your blogging again! I know this is a post from Nov. (hint, hint!) but I wanted to say thanks for visiting me again and yes, the weather was horrible in the morning yesterday. We park about a 1/4 mile from the hospital and it was like walking in a blizzard! Have a great weekend!